Olympic Live Sites - A Case Study - Will to Win

Olympic Live Sites – A Case Study


When the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games were being held in summer 2012, there is no doubt that the Capital was alive with enthusiasm for sport and a strong sense of community.

We wanted to use that opportunity – and be part of something amazing – so together with our partners at the Lawn Tennis Association and The Royal Parks, we helped make tennis part of the ‘Have a Go” programme which ran at the BT London Live site at Hyde Park.

The Live Sites at Trafalgar Square, Hyde Park and Victoria Park – where entry was free – were an integral part of the Games, allowing those without tickets to feel close to the events. An estimated one million people used these live sites during the Games, mainly to watch the Games on big screens but also to be part of a shared experience and to join in with the magical atmosphere which gripped the nation during that memorable summer.

Using six temporary courts and our teams of enthusiastic coaches, we held mini-tennis for kids and cardio tennis drop-in sessions for adults so they could ‘Have a Go’ at sport rather than just watch it. Our coaching team showed fantastic enthusiasm and worked hard every day to make sure that every person who dropped in and played walked away having had an enjoyable, inspirational experience.

Since the BT Live site at Hyde Park was just a few hundred metres from our Will to Win centre on South Carriage Drive, we were able to provide a pathway for every single person we inspired to develop their skills and turn an inspirational one-off experience into, hopefully, good habits and regular exercise.