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Wimbledon Ballot


For the 2020 Wimbledon Ballot
Opt In by 14th February 2020

Don’t miss your opportunity to purchase tickets to the Championships at Wimbledon by becoming a WTW Smartcard holder.

Only Smartcard PLUS and Smartcard LITE holders are eligible for Wimbledon ballots at our Centres, so don’t miss out! Sign up for the Will to Win Smartcard today!

The Wimbledon Ballot at Will to Win

Each year, Will to Win hosts a Wimbledon Ticket Ballot where eligible Will to Win Smartcard holders are entered into a ballot for the opportunity to purchase tickets to the Championships at Wimbledon. Each WTW Centre hosts a separate ballot, and our ballots are typically hosted in late April/early May.

What You Need to Know

Only those who meet all the eligibility requirements set forth by the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) will be included in the Wimbledon Ballots at Will to Win. Eligibility requirements for the 2020 Wimbledon Ballot are as follows:

You must:

– Hold a WTW Smartcard that is valid on the date of the WTW Wimbledon Ballot – our WTW ballots are conducted towards late April/ early May each year.
– Maintain a valid British Tennis Membership (Junior or Adult BTM) with the LTA
– Opt In to the Wimbledon Ballot via the LTA website or by contacting the British Tennis Services team prior to the Opt In Deadline of February 14th 2020.
– Link your BTM to the Will to Win Centre(s) associated with your Smartcard(s) prior to the Opt In Deadline of February 14th 2020.
– British Tennis members must hold a current Junior or Adult British Tennis Membership. The minimum age to be eligible for the LTA’s ballot is 11 years of age.

Additional Points to Note

– All Smartcard holders must opt in to the Wimbledon Ballot EACH YEAR via the LTA’s website, as each year is treated separately by the LTA. So players who opted in for last year’s ballot must do so again for 2020 by the Opt In Deadline of February 14th. You will not be able to opt-in after this date.
– Once opted in you will receive a confirmation email from the LTA (to the email associated with your British Tennis Membership) – please make sure that this confirmation email has been received as well as checking any junk or spam folders.
– Only WTW Smartcard holders are eligible for a free BTM through the LTA. Please see the links at the bottom of this page for helpful guides on how to register on the LTA website.
– Smartcard holders may only link their BTM to the WTW Centre(s) associated with their Smartcard(s). All improper links will be removed, including all non-Smartcard holders and any Smartcard holder linked to a Centre where they do not have benefits.
– For any questions regarding the Opt-in process and how to opt-in, please call the British Tennis Services team on 0208 487 7000 or email info@lta.org.uk.

If you are not a Smartcard PLUS or Smartcard LITE holder

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If you do not have a British Tennis Membership (BTM)

CLICK HERE to learn how to become a British Tennis Member and link to a WTW Centre.

If you need to add or remove the WTW venue linked to your BTM

CLICK HERE to learn how to add or change your BTM venue.