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The Will to Win Foundation is a registered charity and the charitable, not-for-for-profit arm of Will to Win.

The Foundation’s aim is to raise money for and distribute grants to individuals, organisations and clubs to enable people of all ages and abilities to play sport. By doing this, it hopes to promote the enrichment of active lives through sport and to help engage all sections of the community through a shared enjoyment of sport, which in turn will encourage social cohesion.


To promote community participation in healthy recreation in the interest of social welfare by providing support and assistance for the coaching and playing of tennis and other sports as a means of improving health. In furtherance of these objects the charity will in particular, but not exclusively:

– Award grants to projects demonstrating a well-documented plan showing how communities and individuals will benefit from sport

– Develop sports facilities which compliment other educational and humanitarian needs and can be justified as desirable for the community

– Provide equipment to enable participation and personal growth via tennis and sport

– Award grants for sports instruction for talented individuals and to those from under privileged backgrounds


If you would like more information, please visit willtowinfoundation.org.uk.  Or, if you have any questions, please complete the form below, and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.

    The Will to Win Foundation has supported various groups in the period 2016-18. Read about our projects.

    Will to Win Foundation Report 2018

    Hogarth School, Chiswick, West London – Case Study 2018

    We were proud to work with the Hogarth School and PTA to raise funds to create a kids ball park.

    £5,000 from each party was used to pay to create the ball park, to be used by the pupils during the school day and for after school classes.

    Ball Park was open officially by Steve Riley Founder of Will to Win and the Headteacher – Avril Stockleyon on 11th May 2018.