For over 20 years, Will to Win has provided accessible and affordable sports facilities in public parks, enabling year round sport for all ages and abilities.

If you are interested in improving your facilities and/or sports programme, Will to Win can help!

From floodlight planning applications to court renovations and artificial surface installations, Will to Win has over 20 years of experience matching your budget to the project required. We are the only independent company with experience dealing with all levels of project, from top specification LTA projects to smaller budget Park schemes. We can provide impartial advice on all aspects of running your facility, sports programmes & building works, including funding and planning applications. 


Please contact us at: for more information and details on how Will to Win may be able to assist.

Invest in British Padel with Will to Win!
Join the Padel revolution with Will to Win Partnerships and we will help you build your padel court with 50% funding.
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