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Playing Standard – general


Group tennis lessons are a great way to improve your tennis ability and consistency. You (and those around you) will benefit most by playing at the appropriate playing standard.

Your progression will depend on previous experience playing tennis as well as general sporting ability and fitness.

Playing Standards

Beginner…This means you’ve never played, just started playing, haven’t picked up a racket for years or are still working on the basics of your game.

Improver…You know the basic techniques and are able to keep a rally going, however you still make quite a few mistakes and you may find serving difficult.

Intermediate…You play fairly regularly and your technique is solid. You use some tactical play but struggle a little when putting together points against advanced players.

Advanced…You have played a lot of tennis over many years. Serving with spin, placement and power are part of your game. You can rally consistently and create opportunities to win points off both your forehand and backhand. You compete regularly or have the desire to do so.

It’s difficult to make an objective self-rating; we recommend you ask a coach to decide for you.

A comprehensive tennis programme is available for all levels of ability. Use the guide below to help decide which sessions are for you. British Tennis (LTA) Ratings (10.2 – 1.1) provide numerical classification.

10.2 - - 8.17.2 - 1.1
Beginner's Weekly DrillsImprover's Weekly Drills
Beginner's CourseImprovers Course
Intensive DrillsIntensive DrillsIntensive Drills
Intensive ClinicsIntensive Clinics
Drills & SocialDrills & SocialDrills & Social
Team Practice
Cardio TennisCardio TennisCardio TennisCardio Tennis
Individual CoachingIndividual CoachingIndividual CoachingIndividual Coaching