Partnerships - Will to Win



Partnerships are at the heart of everything we do at Will to Win and we feel very fortunate to have found supporting partners whose values and goals we share.

A special and very heartfelt thank you to all our partners. With their continued support we can achieve even more!


The Royal Parks manages London’s eight Royal Parks and everything in them, including sports facilties used by millions of Londoners every year. We consider it a huge privilege to be able to help The Royal Parks in this vital role by running the tennis and sports facilities at Regent’s Park, Hyde Park and Greenwich Park.


The Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) is the national governing body for tennis in the UK and is therefore responsible for all areas of the sport, from elite performance players to coach education, tournaments, facilities and much more. We are particularly grateful for the LTA’s financial support in helping us to drive parks tennis forward in London.

First Touch - External Football provider

Ealing United FC – partner of Will to Win Football

Powerplay – External Netball provider

Go Mammoth – External Netball provider

Top Bins – External Football provider

Action Netball – External Netball provider


The Tennis Foundation (TF) is Great Britain’s leading tennis charity, with a vision to make the sport as inclusive and accessible to every kind of community. We share the TF’s goal of encouraging people to play and maximise their potential through sport and we work with TF on schools outreach and driving disability tennis.


Spreading the word about tennis and making sure that we maximise the number of people who can enjoy the sport depends on public and private tennis establishments working together. Sport, after all, has no barriers. Will to Win works closely with clubs by running tennis programmes for adults and children.

Local Leagues – External Tennis provider


Since we are creating and running sports centres in public parks, having a successful working relationship with local councils is essential to what we do. The nature of the relationship varies depending on the role.


We are very fortunate at Will to Win to be able to work with some extremely talented coaches. We want to empower our coaches to instill their enthusiasm and skills to others and encourage a lasting love of sport. Our support staff also do everything they can to create an enjoyable and welcoming experience for each and every one of our customers. It is important that every member of the Will to Win team is made to feel like a valued partner in what we are trying to achieve.