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Padel Tournaments & Leagues


You now know what Padel is and perhaps you’ve already played or attended one of our coaching sessions. Now, who is up for some competition?

In addition, we also have Padel Leagues, which run at both Will to Win Hyde Park and Will to Win Regent’s Park.  The format will be a round robin league where each team plays within a group of maximum 5 teams and within their playing level.  In the second round, all the group winners play off to find out the winner of the level.

Public Padel Court in Central London

Leagues run for approximately 3 months during which the teams arrange the matches’ dates and times at their convenience.

If you are interested simply fill in the form below and we will put you into the padel league at your chosen centre.

During the Winter months in particular, it is essential to wear non-slip footwear when playing Padel or you risk serious injury.



Padel League Registration

We are looking forward to starting our new Padel league!

Players are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the rules before paying the league fee.

Please note that each player need to register separately.
No partner is needed.


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