Hyde Park Adult Courses


Our courses are a fantastic way to train and compete with players of a similar level whilst gaining some fantastic coaching advice from our qualified coaches.

Need a racket? Rackets can be borrowed as part of the course fee. Please bring your own racket as we can not loan any until further notice. If playing regularly, we suggest you have your own. We offer 25% off rackets for course attendees. Ask the coach for recommendations.

Not sure what to wear?  Appropriate footwear (e.g. trainers) and clothing for changeable weather is all you need.

PLEASE NOTE: There are no toilet facilities available for the time being.

In keeping with LTA guidelines, there will be a 5 minute buffer period between sessions. You will enter the courts 5 minutes after the hour and vacate the court 5 minutes before the hour.

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These courses are intended for players new to tennis or those who may struggle with the fundamentals, such as forehand & backhand technique and consistency. Coaching instruction utilises drills & games to slowly introduce and teach players the basics, including stroke production, serving and keeping score.

Friday 7 - 8pm12 Jun - 31 Jul£168
7 Aug - 11 Sept£105


These courses are ideal for anyone returning to play after a long break or taking up tennis for the first time. Game based learning is used to emphasise basic stroke production. This includes forehand & backhand groundstrokes, serve & return of serve and volley & smash techniques. Games and point based scenarios are used to reinforce technique, introduce basic tactics and strong scoring systems.

WHENDATES: 4, 6 or 8 WeeksCOST
Monday 6 - 7pm8 Jun - 27 Jul£168
3 Aug - 14 Sept (not 31 Aug)£70
Tuesday 7 - 8pm9 Jun - 28 Jul£168
4 Aug - 8 Sept£105
Wednesday 6 - 7pm10 Jun - 29 Jul£168
5 Aug - 9 Sept£105
Thursday 8 - 9pm11 Jun - 30 Jul£168
6 Aug - 10 Sept£105


These courses are for more experienced players who want to gain consistency. Players at this standard will have a basic skill base and will probably have played tennis for some time. As a guide, you should have sufficient skill to be able to: consistently rally to 10 from the baseline using forehands and backhands, serve overarm, volley and smash with 60% efficiency.

WHENDATES: 4, 6 or 8 weeksCOST
Monday 7 - 8pm8 Jun - 27 Jul£168
3 Aug - 14 Sept (not 31 Aug)£70
Tuesday 8 - 9pm9 Jun - 28 Jul£168
4 Aug - 8 Sept£105
Thursday 6 - 7pm11 Jun - 30 Jul£168
6 Aug - 10 Sept£105


This course is for players who have played a lot of tennis over the years and play regularly. You can rally consistently and create opportunities to win points off of both your forehand and backhand. You can serve, volley and smash with confidence. You compete regularly or desire to do so.

Monday 8 - 9pm8 Jun - 27 Jul£168
3 Aug - 14 Sept (not 31 Aug)£70


Weekend Intensive Clinics at Will to Win are designed to improve your tennis by putting forth maximum effort in minimum time through intensive coaching, drills, analysis and tactical instruction. Our experienced coaches use game-based sessions to cover all areas of tennis, from stroke production to tactics and scoring.  Weekend clinics typically run over 1 or 2 days and are specifically designed for players of an advertised playing standard.

9am - 12pmSunday 3rd October£55

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