Chiswick Smartcard - Will to Win

Chiswick Smartcard

at WTW Chiswick House Gardens

Will to Win Smartcards and the Annual Walk-on Pass are designed as loyalty cards for those who play regularly at a specific Centre. The Smartcard provides a year’s worth of additional benefits directly to the Smartcard holder.

We offer two distinct Smartcard options and an Annual Walk-on Pass with varying levels of benefit, based on what a customer desires and the extent to which he or she plays sport.

Our full loyalty card option is the Smartcard PLUS, which provides the complete range of benefits including 7-day advanced court booking and discounts on court fees, programme sessions & sports goods, as well as discounted entry into tournaments and special events held throughout the year.  The Smartcard PLUS also gives the cardholder eligibility for both a FREE British Tennis Membership (BTM) & the Will to Win Wimbledon Ballot through the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA).

Designed for those customers who may not play sport quite as often, Will to Win also offers the Smartcard LITE. This card is available for a discounted price and still grants a range of benefits including access to our Weekly Drills loyalty scheme, eligibility for a FREE British Tennis Membership & the Will to Win Wimbledon Ballot (through the LTA), and a limited number of additional discounts.

The Annual Walk-on Pass allows you to walk on and play on available courts* for 1 hour a day, completely free of charge. This booking must be made upon arrival to your Centre at the sports desk and these courts cannot be reserved in advance.
Should you require a guaranteed slot, you can also purchase our Smartcard PLUS online and book your courts up to 7 days in advance at a discounted rate.
If the Centre is closed then Pass Holders can access the court using a code for the gate. If you require additional time on court following your booking, you may continue to play on any free courts that are vacant. *Only courts 1 – 7 are included in the offer.

Please see below for details on the specific benefits and pricing of the Will to Win Smartcards and Annual Walk-on Pass available
at WTW Chiswick House Gardens.

Walk-on Pass
Weekly Drills Loyalty Scheme: After 10 sessions, 11th FREEYESYESNO
Discount on WTW Tennis Holidays: £20 OFFYESYESNO
Discount on Social Tournaments & Special EventsYESYESNO
Discount on Sports GoodsYESYESNO
Eligibility for FREE BTM Lite Membership: Access to WTW Wimbledon Ballot & British Tennis RatingYESYESNO
Advanced Court Booking: Up to 7 days in advanceYESNONO
Priority Booking for Weekly Drills Sessions: 50% places bookable in advanceYESNONO
Discount on Court HireYESNONO
FREE Smartcard Social SessionsYESNONO
FREE one court hour booking a day (walk-on)NONOYES
FREE additional court time, depending on availabilityNONOYES
PRICES£65 Adult
£50 Concession

Important Smartcard Terms of Purchase

  • All Will to Win Smartcards and Annual Walk-on Pass are valid for 365 days from date of purchase (or date of approval in the case of the Smartcard PLUS for Concessions),
  • The purchase of any Smartcard is non-refundable and is renewed annually by recurring payment,
  • The recurring payment is set up during transaction and can be cancelled in writing by sending request to,
  • All Smartcard benefits are Centre-specific, with benefits only applicable at the Centre to which the Smartcard is purchased,
  • For full terms and conditions, please click here. If you have any questions, please visit WTW Chiswick House Gardens or email

Take advantage of the benefits of the Will to Win Smartcard and purchase yours online today!

Whilst the Smartcard LITE is available throughout the year in unlimited numbers, the number of Smartcard PLUS holders and Annual Walk-on Pass holders is limited at WTW Chiswick House Gardens. So don’t wait and miss out! Book online below!