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The importance of customer service

What makes great customer service so important?

We’ve all been there. We’ve all been there many times, in fact. Whether it was sat in your favourite restaurant, on the phone to your Internet provider or even when attending school or University, we have all experienced bad customer service. And we remember it, don’t’ we?

The old adage of treating others like you would like to be treated yourself is no truer than when giving or receiving customer service. A memorably bad interaction can tarnish your opinion of a business or service provider, no matter what has come before it. A fantastic steak? Netflix-tastic internet speed? Well, a conversation that leaves a sour taste in the mouth will most often change your opinion of a company, regardless of any previous positive thoughts and feelings.

At Will to Win, great customer service leads to happier staff and happier sports players and café goers, so in our minds it’s a (Will to) win-win. We all say thank you when a kind soul holds the door open for us and this really is the mind-set that we should all take on board when providing a service to others, professionally or otherwise.


Delivering best in class customer service, Centre Assistant George reveals all

I had the chance to sit down with the extremely amicable George who works as a Centre Assistant at our Will to Win centre in Pitshanger Park. George has experience of working in variety of Will to Win sports centres and is therefore more than well placed to give us his views on his job role and with that, the rewards and challenges that it brings. All of our WTW staff are prepared in the importance of customer service when they first come on board and we believe that positive and meaningful customer service is at the heart of what a customer expects when they walk through our doors.

And it’s not just the customer’s feelings and reactions that drive us to promote enthusiastic and memorable interactions. Whilst a customer will feel valued and engaged by our staff, our centre assistants also feel like they have made a positive difference to someone else’s day.  This “warm” feeling we all get from making other’s feel content and satisfied is also an imperative part of why first class customer service is so valuable.

It really is a two-way street, as George summarises below:

“One of the primary reasons that I love my role at Pitshanger Park is that every day is different. All of our customers (whether tennis players, dog walkers, or coffee lovers) are unique and friendly, and this is why building a rapport with each of them is so rewarding and effortless! The job itself can sometimes be challenging but this keeps you on your toes, and allows you to grow and develop many skills in a fast paced environment. Indeed, personal progression is continuous in this role and is facilitated by the great management team here at Will to Win. The positive energy surrounding the workplace is second to none and this is the perfect opportunity for those who are outgoing, enthusiastic and keen to work in a vibrant team.

I have had some touching moments in this job as a Centre Assistant such as with one customer, who said to me “…you guys always look after me when I visit and it is now my turn to look after you” before placing some change in our tips jar. It was touching to see how grateful he was with the customer service we had been providing and it is something that will live long in the memory.

There are undoubtedly amusing moments that I have with customers too; accidently splashing my beard when attempting to steam milk for cappuccino art and not moving out of the way quickly enough being one that springs to mind.  The weekly conversations we have with regulars also provide fascinating insights into their lives and this is something that only helps our relationship.

Being a Centre Assistant is demanding, but so rewarding. I love that I can have an impact on their day with the service myself and the Pitshanger team provide.  The appreciation I get from customers makes my work worthwhile – since I’ve been with Will to Win, I haven’t looked back! “

It is fantastic to hear that George really seems to grasp the values we look to promote to our employees and it is just as heart-warming to listen to the relationships that have evidently been formed between our centre staff and our wonderful Will to Win customers.

A big thank you to George for letting us have a little insight into what it means to deliver great customer service; long may it continue!