Adult Courses


Adult courses and tennis weekends are a fun way to improve your tennis by taking group instruction from a qualified coach and mixing in with players of a similar standard.

See below for more information on Will to Win’s structured Adult tennis programmes or visit your local Centre page for specific courses and tennis weekends on offer.

Will to Win Centres offer complete Adult tennis programmes, including a variety of Adult courses and weekend clinics to fit your individual schedule and playing standard.  Our Adult courses are designed to improve all aspects of your singles and doubles game over the course of several weeks and are typically divided by playing standard: Beginner, Improver, Intermediate or Advanced.

Beginner/Improver Courses: These courses are ideal for anyone returning to play after a long break or taking up tennis for the first time. Game-based learning is used to emphasise basic stroke production, including forehand & backhand groundstrokes, serve & return of serve and volley & overhead techniques.  Games and point-based scenarios are used to reinforce technique and introduce basic tactics and scoring systems.

Improver/Intermediate Courses:  These courses are for more experienced players looking to gain consistency.  Instruction covers all areas of tennis, with an emphasis on reinforcing proper swing mechanics, minimising errors and developing a more tactical approach to point play.

Intermediate/Advanced Courses:  These courses are for players who have played a lot of tennis over the years and continue to play regularly. Specific drills and point play scenarios are geared towards fine-tuning stroke technique, including serve & return, winning points through both offensive & defensive play and developing a sound individualised match strategy.

Weekend Intensive Clinics at Will to Win are designed to improve your tennis by putting forth maximum effort in minimum time through intensive coaching, drills, analysis and tactical instruction. Our experienced coaches use game-based sessions to cover all areas of tennis, from stroke production to tactics and scoring.  Weekend clinics typically run over 1 or 2 days and are specifically designed for players of a particular playing standard.

Additional Questions?

Which course or weekend clinic is right for me? For more information on Adult playing standards, please click HERE. If you have any questions on which of our courses or weekend clinics might be best for you, please contact your local Centre where our staff will be more than happy to assist.

Need a racket? Rackets can be borrowed at the Centre and are included as part of the course fee.  If you play regularly, however, we suggest you bring your own. Our Centres stock a wide range of rackets for all abilities, simply ask one of our coaches for help with sizing and recommendations!

Not sure what to wear? Appropriate footwear (e.g. trainers) and clothing for changeable weather is all you need!