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About Us

About Us

Will to Win was first set up as a tennis company over 20 years ago with the aim being to improve the tennis and sports facilities in public parks and enable year round play for all ages and abilities.

Our motto was ‘Tennis for All’ and this has transformed over the years to stand as “Sport for All”. We now offer multi-sport facilities to compliment our Tennis background and strive to get as many people as possible into sport, year round by providing attractive, accessible and affordable centres in public areas.

Introduction: Steve Riley, Founder

When we started Will to Win we had one clear and definite goal – to create tennis centres that made sport affordable and accessible for everyone. With the help and support of key partners like The Lawn Tennis Association and The Royal Parks and by working closely with local authorities, we’ve been able achieve that goal.

We’ve grown a lot as an organisation since those early days and I’m pleased to say that we are now the largest private provider of public sport in the country. We’re very proud of the fact that we now run 25 percent of the tennis courts in Greater London, but we’re even more proud of the fact that we have stuck to our goal of giving more people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds the opportunity to enjoy sport.



Creating top class sporting facilities in the middle of urban public parks can be a challenging business, so thankfully we have plenty of experience to draw upon. It can involve a sometimes daunting tendering process as well as working closely with local authorities and with partners such s the Tennis Foundation and Sport England. When it comes to creating facilities, those partnerships are invaluable, from providing essential financial help as well as advice and support

When we create or renovate facilities, our goals are always very clear and we work to a proven business model formed from all of our experiences. There are several clear tenets to this:

– Long lease on the facilities (minimum 21 years)
– Nominal lease agreement with full investment from our partners
– Strong partnerships with our stakeholders and the local communities
– Schools engagement (including free access for state schools)
– Staffed with highly trained coaches and support staff
– Create a pavilion as a social focal point
– Optimum is 6 courts, at least 2 of which are floodlit
– Option of multi-sport use

The journey usually begins with us identifying a suitable – usually derelict – space. Once the ideal site has been found, we then go about securing a long lease to ensure that we can build a facility with a lasting legacy for the community. Once we have worked with our partners to secure the requisite investment, we then set about creating top quality courts and a pavilion that, in time, can become a social hub.