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Putting & Bowls

Bowling Green and putting area is open for use from Friday 18 April until 18th September

  • Join us - all levels welcome for social bowls Friday evenings and Thursday afternoons- email us if you plan to come-

It is prohibited to bring your own alcohol onto the bowling green or pavillion terraces

Lawn Bowls (per person, bowls included)
Off Peak Rate
(Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm)
Peak Rate
(all other times)
Bowling green opens from May – October.
Lanes can be booked up to 7 days in advance.
No Dress Code, however users must play in bowling or flat shoes or barefoot.
No other activity is permitted on the green
£7.50 per set of bowls, unlimited time
£7.50 per set of bowls, per hour

How to play the game…

Lawn bowling is played on a green, which is divided up into 6 rinks and each rink is 20 feet wide x 120 feet long.
The matt is laid at one end of the rink and the target or jack is laid at least 23 meters away from the mat.
The object of the game is to get your bowls as close as possible to the jack and/or knocking your opponent’s bowl away from the jack.
When releasing the bowl, each player must have one foot near the mat. Scoring works by giving each team one point for every bowl they have closer to the jack than the other team. This is called the count. The length of the game will depend on the club. 14, 15, 18, or 21 ends can be played, but usually 21 ends are played. Sometimes the game will simply be played on a points system but this is more common in individual play. Usually the teams are made up of 4 players but singles, pairs, and triples can also be played. a match could involve six rinks or 24 players (6x4) per team.
Putting Green
Any Time
Junior (16yrs and under)
Family (2x Adults, 2x Juniors)

The Green

The putting has 9 holes signaled by numbered poles. It is usable during centre opening hours and it is open to the public. Putting is drop-in only, except for group bookings booked at reception.
Balls and clubs are provided at reception.
£1.00 will be charged per ball that is not returned.
Safety First…
Players should ensure that no one is standing close by or in a position to be hit by the club or the ball. Do not move or stand directly behind someone when they are playing.
Golf Etiquette…
Please show consideration for other players. Players on the course and should not disturb their play by moving, talking or making unnecessary noise. Players should ensure that any electronic device taken onto the course does not distract other players.
Allow others to play through when searching for a lost ball, by waiving them through.
Please inform staff if any flags or signs are missing. Please take care not to trample on the flower beds unnecessarily when looking for balls.
All under 12s should to be supervised by an adult who must remain on the premises at all times.
Children 12-16 playing on their own are the responsibility of an adult who must remain on the premises at all times.

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